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Helmin & Gur is a co-op platformer in which one player takes the control of Helmin the puffin, while the other takes control of Gur the wolf.

A flight across the ditch goes horribly wrong which lands both Helmin and Gur on a deserted island, armed with nothing but their own hands. In order to escape, players will have to put their heads together, co-operate as one and work in conjunction to brave the island, collect stranded plane parts and reconstruct a new plane to help Helmin and Gur off the island.

Will you harness Helmin's superior speed and agility to overcome obstacles, or take control of Gur for his brute strength?

It's all up to you, player(s)!


- Splitscreen feature to accommodate two players.

- Unique skillsets for both Helmin and Gur.

- Multiple platformer puzzle-based levels.

- Hybrid retro sound effects/ambient recording soundtrack.


Release Date: 23/06/2014

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Price: FREE


For any questions or inquiries, you can reach me via. my student e-mail at CChin@mediadesign.school.nz.


My name is Claire Chin and I am currently a first year student at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. Helmin & Gur is my very first game and also my very first venture into GameMaker, so pardon the roughness and bugs. If there is enough positive feedback in response to the game’s release I try to polish it some more as well as adding additional features such as newer levels, additional characters and power ups.

However, as of now the game will remain the way it is.

Despite that, I’m very proud of releasing the game as is, and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Install instructions

Just run the .exe file and enjoy.


helmin&gur.exe 36 MB